Step 1: Receive Material

When Poly Vision takes an order from a customer, a record will be created and information is gathered. During the die design stage, the necessary materials are ordered. As the manufacturing environment becomes more globalised and distributed, it is important to manage the workflow harmoniously and to share the information efficiently.

Step 2: Incoming Inspection

After press die materials are prepared, the design data are transferred to the press machining center, and the primary and secondary processing operations are automatically performed. Poly Vision proposed a collaborative design and engineering system, which manages various design processes in an integrated manner and enables the sharing of design information.

Flowchart Press Process.gif
Step 3: Storage

After machining, veteran engineers fine tune each die to ensure high precision of die presses.

Step 4: Production + Inspection Process Quality Control

The finished press dies are tested by Poly Vison's own press to assure compliance with the quality requirements. Poly Vision’s recent big purchase on CMM (Coordinate measurement machines) adds an asset for precision testing on their auto-part dies. During the inspection, should a problem arise, the engineers return to the processing and finishing stages, or even back to the design stage, and repeat the entire process to achieve the highest possible die video

Step 5: Packing

The packing stuff check submitted packing sample according customer’s packing specification and perform relevant transportation tests to make sure their products are well protected and shipped safely. Poly Vision assures your injection moulds are made correctly to your specifications and are well packed before delivery.englarge

Step 6: QA(Quality Assurance)

After the dies are made and packed properly, Poly Vision make sure each delivered press die is qualified with high video

Step 7: Storage

Poly Vision-owned massive warehouse is capable of storing packed dies for on-time video

Step 8: OQA (Outgoing Quality Assurance) Inspection


Step 9: Delivery

Poly Vision's delivery team performs effectively. After the press dies are delivered, Poly Vision continues to provide technical support until the first vehicle rolls off the line.

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