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High-performance molding machine exceeds your expectations!

Poly Vision Group Co., Ltd. is an injection mould and auto part press manufacturer based in Thailand. Our excellent abilities and rich experience plus various of plastic injection and press production to suit just about any projects. The injection moulding machines can handle most jobs, from the precision small plastic moulding, auto parts to large, complex jobs.

PVP Injection Machine

PVP Injection Machine

Poly Vision possesses 48 PVP injection machines and their ranges are from 270 m/m to 1350 m/m which indicate their capability of making great plastic products such as air cond. front panels, auto parts and refrigerator stands, etc.

Product Mould

Mould Machine and Equipment

For mould machines and equipments, there are 26 of them which are CNC machines, milling machines, E.D.M. machines, grinding machines, wire cut machines and drill machines with CAD/CAM system.

    Working range for each machine is as below:
  • CNC Machines: X:800 to 1800, Y:510 to 800, Z:460 to 700 (m/m)
  • Milling Machine: X:800, Y:350, Z:300 (m/m)
  • CNC E.D.M. Machine: X:1100, Y:600, Z:600 (m/m)
  • ZNC E.D.M. Machine: X:650, Y:350, Z:200 (m/m)
  • Surface Grinding Machine: X:1000, Y:500 (m/m)
  • Wire Cut Machine:X:500 to 1,000, Y:400 to 600, Z:250 to 500 (m/m)
  • Precision Grinding Machine: X:400, Y:250 (m/m)
  • Radial Drill Machine: 1300m/m
  • Precision Lathe: 4#
  • Crane: 10 tons
Process Press

Press Machine

There are 32 C-Frame single cranks to ensure precision press parts are produced precisely. form 16 Tons to 300 Tons.


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